Daniel Buzelli (R.Ac)

Registered Acupuncturist

With a holistic and pragmatic approach, Daniel weaves modern nervous system physiology with the ancient wisdom of Classical Oriental Medicine. By employing an array of tools from hands-on body work, nutritional and lifestyle counselling, to somatic movement education, he deliberately tailors sessions to each client’s respective needs. He believes that healing is a process of self discovery and personal growth that is intrinsically relational in nature and essentially embodied. By deeply listening to the body and understanding their story and unique rhythms, Daniel helps guide the body back into a state of coherence. In addition to his work in the healing arts, Daniel is a multidisciplinary artist and athlete. This eclectic creative background informs his practice in his approach to the art of cultivation, practice and learning, and the irrational path of the heart. He embraces taboo, supporting the often messy and nonlinear process of healing with kindness and non-judgement. As an athlete he understands how to maximize performance while managing the wear and tear on the body, as well as common injuries and postural issues. He is a passionate communicator devoted to making all the complicated stuff accessible and applicable to everyone. He believes that self mastery can be a playful process fuelled by curiosity and carried forth by compassion. Daniel is most passionate about working with mental health, stress, trauma, chronic pain, insomnia, digestive disturbances as well as Gynecological and musculoskeletal issues. He actively broadens his knowledge by continuing to study a wide range of topics in psychology, philosophy, medical science and cultural studies as well as continuously diving deeper into the Classical Chinese arts.