Make Up Lessons * No Longer Available*

Daily Ritual Lesson  1.5hr $150
Take your daily ritual to the next level by streamlining the products that work for your skin type, lifestyle and look. During your 90 min appointment, we will work our way through all the products that are currently in your beauty bag. Starting with your skincare all the way to your makeup. We create a healthy hygiene routine with products, refine techniques and support any skin concerns you may have as well as make a list of products to purchase as you run out. This appointment is created for those that want to use up what they have, feel overwhelmed when they look at all their products or wish to have help creating a ritual out of a routine.
Makeup Bag Refine  45 min $85
During your 45min consultation we will work our way through the makeup you already own. Creating a new look, checking products that may need replacing, starting healthy product hygiene routines and learning application techniques to ensure you are enjoying each product you have. (This appointment is perfect for those that have 7 or less products in their bag).
 For application techniques, the lesson is the way to go!