Process Oriented Therapy

As painful as experiences can be, the problems and struggles that are crossing your path are here for a purpose, to guide you on your path to liberation and your role in our collective healing. Like doorways into new realities, disturbances are signals that a life filled with ease, joy and empowerment is available just around the corner. Let’s focus on getting below the surface, deepening awareness into the unknown aspects of self and framing the problematic systemic forces that are influencing your everyday life. Through an anti-oppression, liberatory lens and somatic experiences, we can support you to uncover your own inherent wisdom, and bring a light, loving presence to all that needs to be expressed. For couples, we slow things down, deepen communication, learn new tools for understanding and invite deeper awareness of the love that leads the way. This is a process of wholing, integrating, self-love and empowerment. In sessions we work with subtle body experiences, movement, dreamwork, maps of the psycho-spiritual landscape, and always over-culture and systemic analysis and the wisdom of the Earth to unfold deeper meaning, purpose and transformation for individuals and relationships

Individuals  $120/hour

Somatic, Earth-Based, Liberatory, Wholistic, Unconditionally Loving: You are a grower on a path of deepening explorations of the unseen worlds within, ready to give loving witness to all that needs healing and continue to expand your sense of self. I offer tools of present moment awareness, embodiment, earth connection, dreamwork, ancestral connection and cultural analysis in a co-created temple to support your unfolding truth.

Couples  $120/hour

Connecting, Revelatory, Honest, Healing, Growth-Oriented: You deeply love each other, and yet, there may be places where you find yourselves stuck in seemingly impossible differences. You deeply care for one another, and yet your joint capacity for mutual understanding and connectivity needs insightful support to fully flourish. I offer tools for communication that facilitate revelatory understandings, truer truths, growth in your capacity for loving, and dancing together through the impossible steps of being human, together.