Dermal Needling & Dermaplaning

Dermal Needling

Treat your skin to some deep rejuvenation! Micro needles on a roller are applied to the skin allowing for increased collagen production, which encourages an increase in healthy new tissue formation. Micro needling enhances the penetration of skin care products, reduces fine wrinkles, tightens up loose skin, heals sun damaged and aging skin, treats hyperpigmentation and acne, as well as, reduces scarring.


Dermaplaning safely scrapes the top layer of skin and peach fuzz. It’s the exfoliation portion of the treatment. It is painless and leaves your skin ready to absorb further product.

Medical Dermal Needling (Includes take home Serum)

Face Only $200.00
Face & Neck $300.00 (Serum and Roller to take home)
Face & Neck & Chest $350.00 (Serum and Roller to take home)

Cosmetic Dermal Needling Facial Treatment

$200.00 (Includes Roller)
Enjoy a full nurturing facial, where the rolling is seamlessly added, to enhance the results.

Group Dermal Needling Sessions
(Dates announced soon, or book a private group)

These sessions include a full facial treatment, on yourself! Learn the basics of skincare, while integrating the roller. $100.00 (Includes Roller) $150.00 (Includes Roller, Starter Kit) Learn how to use the Roller at home (one on one) Roller only, $100.00 Includes Roller and Starter Kit, $150.00 This is a learning session, to ensure proper usage at home.
Dermaplane Facial Treatment $80.00
Dermaplane / Medical Rolling $250.00