Melanie Nelson

Holistic Esthetician

I love the one on one connection with other people.  To me facials are like a dance.  There is so much more to the treatment than tending to the immediate needs of the skin.  The skin can be a mirror to what is going on internally.  Whether is be emotional, diet related or hormonal. I approach the treatment in this way, holistically.  Treat the person, as well as the skin.  When we are relaxed and nourished, the results of the facial are increased. Based on this philosophy, I created The Facial Circle.  This stemmed from my own experience with my skin as a teenager. I did not treat it well, there were times when I actually told it ‘I hate you’ and you know, it did not get better. So, I had an idea that if we approach our home care from a place of awareness,  and we feed it with skin products that we love to use and  are good for the skin we will see positive results. I discovered Eminence Organic Skincare in 2002, while at a trade show.  A friend and I had been toying with the idea of making our own skincare out of herbs and had taken a herbal class to help get that started. When we saw and smelled and felt Eminence, we both knew that was the company to use.  They had created a herbal skincare line! It continues to bring me joy in my personal home care, as well as treatments with clients.