Evolution of the Family

Themes for the 2 weeks 1. Surrender (intimacy and connection with partner and self) 2. Birth- Physiological 3. Family Plan 4. Tools and Techniques for Birth 5. Postpartum Nourishment 6. Review/wrap up/Q&A Our intention is to hold a safe space for birthing families to playfully and curiously find their path as parents. We hope to foster a deep feeling of connection and support one another while surrounded by community. We are here to explore ways to best prepare, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally for birth and beyond. We are taking a holistic, family centered approach that focuses in on a few main themes of surrender, intimacy and relationships (to other and self). We hope to instill a deep sense of inner strength, love and resilience to face the continual transitions of the first parenting year and beyond. We are here to create a compassionate and curious environment to delve deeply into topics like intimacy, surrender, and transitions over the coming months and years. 1: Theme of surrender/intimacy/connection to self and partner Nourishing the body mind and spirit through herbs nutrition and self-care  2: Birth- Physiological Looking into the physical aspects of birth, signs pointing to the imminent arrival of baby and how to prepare body/mind/soul. Common interventions in home and hospital birth settings.Informed consent and advocating for birthing partner. 3: Family Plan Exploring strategies to support parent’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being from conception to the end of the first year and beyond. 4: Tools and approaches to labour and the postpartum period Bootcamp from week 38-birth, Acupressure and massage for birth partner to learn. 5: Postpartum approaches TCM approach slowing down and savouring the first months. Ways to prioritize and support self-care for both parents as a team. Mental health in the postpartum period. 6: Review of techniques and tools, Q&A, exercises to support new family
The course runs 2 weeks $333 plus gst for upcoming dates Call or email  U Retreat  778-265-6666, uretreat@uretreat.ca