Continuing Education with Malcolm Clark

Tai Chi and how it Influences Bodywork: In this 4 week class we will dive into the foundation of Tai Chi concepts and how it can help bodyworkers identify different kinds of physical holding patterns with your clients. Tai Chi while working with partners is a great way to understand where physical limitations lay in the range of motion and how it translates to table-work using forces of push and pull. We will also be developing our “Listening” skills and homework strategies for clients.
Qi Gong; How to use it to support Emotional, Mental & Energetic Bodies: In this class our primary focus will be exploring our dimmer switch. This is a concept that I have developed over many years of working with highly sensitive people. I believe we all have a dimmer switch and the more you understand it, the greater your intention and perception will be. This is a partnered class, primarily working the subtle bodies while building and cultivating your own Qi.
To be contacted for future classes: email or call 778.265.6666