Intuitive Counselling

What is Intuitive Inquiry-Based Counselling?
Intuitive Counselling helps you connect with the deep wisdom of your body and strengthens your capacity to trust its guidance.  Learning to listen deeply to your mind and body, you become gently and honestly present.  Intuitive counselling invites you to slowly meet and begin to integrate the parts in you that have been abandoned, neglected or rejected, as you learn to love yourself.   This work is an invitation to meet, feel, hold and heal your wounds and negative self-beliefs.  The negative core beliefs you may have about yourself, such as “I’m unworthy” or “The world is an unsafe place”, drive your unconscious behaviour, thoughts and feelings. The more unconscious and intense your negative core beliefs, the more this filter distorts your experience and prevents you from being able to discern the truth of a situation.  Using a combination of intuition and inquiry, I am able to guide you using an energetic; mind, body, spirit approach that helps you to come home to the beautifully perfected heart you forgot to see. 
80 mins – $150
60 mins – $125
*These offerings can be in-person or online.
“Words would not do justice to what you have offered me in the past year.  The way you have offered and opened your heart to me so I could reconnect to mine continues to transform me. How you share your beautiful gifts inspire me. It allows me to discover mine and give myself permission to develop a part of me I would have never dreamed of becoming. Even your invitation to write this little piece for you to express my love and gratitude, feels like an invitation to love myself deeper. It’s like you are this beautiful reflection and reminder of love just by existing. Thank you.” Eline, Netherlands