Philosophy & Company Culture

At U Retreat, we’ve created a wellness experience in which you will feel deeply cared for, a place where your needs are heard and connection with…..yourself.
At every visit to U Retreat, we promise you will experience…
Wisdom: At U Retreat, we deeply value the powerful wisdom we’ve gained from our life experiences, professional training and the relationships and results we have with our guests. This collective education has revealed an interesting synergy for our clients in the treatment room; Through active listening and sharing our knowledge of spa and wellness modalities, guests begin to trust and respect the wisdom they have within their own bodies.
Accountability: True wellness can only be achieved when both healer and client are actively accountable to a guest’s health and well being. This means that our team of service providers show up for themselves with continual personal and professional development to bring their best selves for each guest and in turn, inspires the clients own accountability.
Awareness: Meaningful change requires profound awareness of our emotions, thoughts, and actions. To facilitate the transformational work we do in the treatment room, U Retreat has created a safe environment with high-level therapists so all of our guests can relax into their personal awareness.
Empowerment: At U Retreat, we’ve purposefully designed our treatments to ignite our clients own self-understanding. When the energy of knowing is activated, a profound situation arises; we witness our guests feeling inspired, energized and naturally becoming a positive influence to their families, careers and communities.
Joy: We’re firm believers that even though life presents us with our own unique challenges, a joyful life is one worth sharing and can be used as a tool for facilitating physical healing and reshaping self. We promise you an environment that is welcoming, light hearted, and transformative.

Connect – Recognize – Comfort – Nourish