Celina Lyons

Registered Acupuncturist, and Clinical Herbalist

Celina practices medicine with a joy that is grounded in great personal respect for Chinese and Integrative medicine and is informed by her over twenty years of study and practice in the world of holistic medicine. She trained in San Francisco at ACTCM, earning her Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. She also completed Functional medicine training with the Kalish Institute. She has practiced in California and in Canada. She was fortunate to have a mother who was a midwife for 40 years, and in this way got to be a close observer of pregnancy, of childbirth and newborns. She feels blessed to have a primary teacher, Raven Lang, who was a foremother to the Home Birth movement in North America, before she became a much respected Doctor of Chinese Medicine. One of her greatest teachers has been the experience of becoming a mother. The journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and raising her daughter has changed her in many wonderful ways and led to her specializations in women’s health, obstetrics and pediatrics. FOCUS: She is a general practitioner focusing on all conditions from pain, to autoimmune conditions and cancer, with a special focus and training in women’s health and pediatrics, including the treatment of infertility for women and men, mental health and trauma healing, pregnancy, postpartum care and the wellness care and treatment of babies and children. Celina has always felt that health and healing were her work. Eventually, it became clear that Chinese Medicine encompassed the most of what she loved in one medicine: consideration for the whole person, working with needles, with touch, through patient counseling, teaching, listening and observing. She loves that body and mind and spirit are more than just equally valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine, they are seen as inseparable expressions of a whole human life. In her work she is a compassionate guide and companion along the path of healing. A central goal of her practice is always to inspire her patients to find their own power and possibility for health and healing and a life fully and authentically lived. She is continuously awed by the innate power to heal that we all walk with.