Registered Acupuncture

Comprehensive Treatment – 90 mins – $140
Includes an examination to identify imbalances and uncover the root causes of disease with an individualized treatment plan. This is your time to share and express all that is going on for you. Multiple modalities are used and may include one or multiple techniques within the same session. These include Tui Na (massage), Gua Sha (scraping), Cupping, warm compress, Acupuncture, Acupressure. Individualized self-care recommendations are given as lifestyle and dietary counseling.
Acu Nap – 45mins – $80
(follow up only) A quick spin through the channels for one whole Qi cycle. Includes a quick pulse/tongue exam, channel palpation and basic intake. Also good for auricular acupuncture. (No cups, Gua Sha, Tui na. Needles only)
Orthopedic Acupuncture – 90mins – $140
Also known as “Dry Needling”, this treatment targets soft tissue injuries by focusing in on the injured area. Treating tight and sore muscles by restoring blood flow and working with the Central Nervous System through Motor Points, relieving nerve irritation and restoring range of motion. Includes a physical orthopedic assessment and focused stimulation with needles, cupping, gua sha, trigger point and sports massage. Treating both acute and chronic injury by weaving western physiology with Classical Chinese channel-based Acupuncture.
Tui Na Bodywork (no needles) – 75mins – $130
Hands-on body work based on Classical Chinese physiology and diagnostic principles. Through skilled manual manipulation with a blend of Tui Na, deep tissue, acupressure and reflexology, the Qi is gently guided through the channels restoring function to all systems of the body for internal and external disorders without the needles. Perfect for restoring coherence in the nervous system, relaxing and unwinding with a focus on touch; as well as releasing tension and soreness from sports injuries.
Cupping / Gua Sha only – 60mins – $120
Classical Acupuncture minus the needles! A choice of traditional glass fire cups or silicone cups employing a variety of techniques from fixed cupping to moving cupping with oils. Traditional Jade and Bone Gua Sha tools used to restore flow in the fascia and muscles through gentle repetitive scraping. *These modalities cause temporary bruising of the skin that lasts for a few days.