Katherine Pearce


Myofascial  Bodywork

Initial Treatment: $175
Follow-up : $160
Hellerwork is a holistic method of bodywork that is designed to release tensional patterns in the client’s body tissues that are not in optimal alignment. Sessions focus on the fascial network (connective tissues) of the body and how this structure affects one’s capacity for movement, posture and energy.
Everything is connected!  Facia absorbs injury, and can respond to surgery, emotional trauma, illness, poor postural habits, repetitive strain/movements and stress. It responds to these influences, by thickening and compressing, becoming dehydrated, leading to chronic stiffness and/or pain.   Restoration of these tissues creates a more balanced spatial arrangement within the body’s structure in the field of gravity.  The body doesn’t have to work so hard, which frees up energy.  When we are in alignment with gravity, the body stays more upright with less effort and the usual compensatory holding patterns are minimized, reducing tension and pain overall.   Alongside the table work, re-education of posture and movement supports long lasting benefits for life with greater fluidity and ease.