Re-Imaging Your Home Skincare Routine: $50

Includes a detailed intake.  I offer tips on how to utilize the products you already own with advice on building your daily/weekly/monthly routine to get the result you are looking for.  A visual on how to apply and work product into your skin and recommendations on products/tools to add to your regime.

The Virtual Facial Circle: $25

minimum 8 people

Experience connection with yourself while connecting with friends, virtually.

What I experienced was so much more than a facial …maybe face yoga and massage with the help of yummy Eminence organic products.  I found it de-stressing & was genuinely surprised by the benefit it had for my soul.  One of the qualities I value about Melanie is her calm, grounded style that is so soothing. “ ~  Beverly Carter, Victoria BC Canada

The Overall Experience

THE GOAL of this experience is Engagement, Presence and Joy.  You’ll learn to recognize what your skin needs, while having a hands-on experience that includes elements of a traditional facial.  I will educate you on skin care, how to use the products and share techniques that will nurture your being, as well as your skin!
Looking for a specialized experience with facial tools, such as Gua Sha, Jade Rolling, Reflex rollers and Mirco-needling?  I can customize the group.  Just ask!
U Retreat uses Eminence organic skin care products which are only found in select spas.  Eminence the company aligns with our personal values of the best skin care products possible, free of harmful ingredients, harvested with our earth in mind, quality and healing properties for the skin.  I am happy to share this amazing skin care with you. 
For the Virtual ‘Night In’ Facial we give the Eminence experience!  We have put together sample packs for each of the 5 different types of skin
2) Normal
3) Combination
4) Oily
5) Sensitive. 
You will have enough samples for each step of the facial.
To assess your skin click My Skin Type

Virtual Facial Cost

For groups over 10 participants the cost per participant is $25 + GST per person payable by e-Transfer to   This fee includes Eminence samples and a video for you to continue the routine at home. The registration is non-refundable.  If after registration you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, we will offer you a different virtual facial date/time option.
Note: Additional fees may apply if samples require mailing or courier services.  For smaller or other unique groups contact us prior to registration to get our fee

Register or Book a Facial Circle

Send an email to with your name and phone number.  From there, we can discuss some date options. If a date has already been set, include the date of your scheduled virtual facial.  If your virtual facial is a gift from another person or a corporate staff health and wellness activity, please identify that information in your email.

Once Registered

1)We will reply with our form for you to fill & return to us.
2) We will send you a Zoom invitation.
3) We will prepare your sample pack based on your skin type for you to pick up.

For the Big Night — here is what you will need:

Facial Products:
2)Exfoliant & Masque (or 2 Masques)  It would be great if one of the masques was massage-able.  In other words, creamy enough to move around fluidly.  A creamy moisturizer also works.
**Above 3 are included in the Eminence organic products package for your specific skin type. For those people who want the virtual facial experience but either have their own product or are unable to obtain the samples in time this is what you will need for skin care products.

At Home

1)A small bowl
2)A large bowl
3)2-3 face cloths
4) 1 hand towel
5) Recommended:  a generous tea pot so you have enough to use to keep your face cloths hot and emulsify your products.  Brew with lavender, rose or any herbal tea, which offers your face cloths a beautiful aroma.

What to Wear

In a traditional facial we always work the neck and chest.  If you are comfortable doing so, wear a shirt or tank top where those are accessible.


Arrive via Zoom about 10 minutes prior to start time to allow for your setup and make sure the connection is working.  I expect the overall facial experience to last up to 90 minutes …this time may vary based on group size and participation!
Thank you – we are thankful for your participation in our virtual facial circles and wish you a calm, regenerating facial experience that is so much more!

The Virtual Facial:  $150

Re-Imagine Your Skincare Routine and the Facial Circle, customized for you!
A one on one experience.  We start with an online consultation where we go through the products you already own.  I will offer advice on how to utilize the products you have at home.  I suggest products/tools to add into your routine and provide samples for you to try first.
We meet again to go through your routine, step by step while using the products.  I do the steps with you, you mirror me.  This is completely customized based on you and your skin needs.
You will receive the recording after to carry on with your skincare at home.
Yours in Wellness ~ Melanie Nelson~ Qualified Esthetician