Katherine Pearce C.H.P


Katherine is a Certified Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner, trained in Australia, who has been practicing in Greater Victoria for 16 years. With a background in Modern Dance, Hanna Somatics, and Yamuna Body-rolling, she brings to her clients an innate curiosity of the relationship between alignment and movement, and a felt-sense of the human form. Katherine also draws from her continuing studies and interest in Aston Kinetics, healthy ergonomics, energetic healing, and chronic pain management to tailor sessions to her client’s individual needs. HELLERWORK is a uniquely satisfying system of structural bodywork that combines myo-fascial release techniques, movement re-education, and internal awareness so clients can move with greater fluidity and less pain.  Poor postural habits and held tension from injuries or repetitive activities can prohibit functional movement.  By releasing these “old” patterns in the body, new possibilities emerge, opening up the potential for optimal alignment and restorative healing. For more information on Hellerwork, visit www.hellerworkinternational.com “Shift Happens!”
TESTIMONIALS “Katherine is a gifted and trusted Hellerwork practitioner whom I have been working with personally and professionally for ten years. She has seen me through numerous marathons, two healthy pregnancies and has worked with me to correct numerous structural imbalances from 12 years of planting trees on our rugged north coast.  As an ND I have referred numerous friends and patients to her with excellent feedback and results.  Katherine is able to hold a space that allows one to feel vulnerable and supported, which facilitates deep healing on all levels. I have complete confidence in her skills and highly recommend working with her.” K.S.  Naturopathic Physician
“My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have been on Katherine’s client roster for about the last nine years.  She was our introduction to Hellerwork. We had both experienced massage therapy but nothing we had done in the past compares to the benefits we’ve enjoyed from Hellerwork. Of all the treatments I’ve previously had I can say that Hellerwork is the only thing that has been truly therapeutic on a consistent basis.”  “…As Katherine moves from one muscle group to another, I know that she is constantly assessing the result of what she has just done and modifying the treatment accordingly.  It is almost as though she  is reading what the musculofascial tissue requires.” David Naysmith M.D. Jo-Marie Naysmith
“Katherine’s deep understanding of her knowledge and skills brings a very personal perspective to my sessions with her, and I am very grateful for her calm curiosity of the human body, and her confidence and care while she works on easing the areas of concern.” Madeleine Humer Artistic Director, Victoria Children’s Choir