Katherine Pearce C.H.P

Myofascial Bodywork

Katherine Pearce, Certified Advanced Hellerwork Structural Integration Practitioner, trained in Australia, has been practicing Hellerwork for over 20 years in Victoria, B.C. . With a background in Modern Dance performance and kinetic movement studies, from a young age, Katherine has held a life-long interest in the human form and it’s many ways of expression. Well into her former career as a Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf, Katherine developed Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, a debilitating repetitive strain injury and was facing major surgery. Through her search to alleviate the severe pain, she discovered Hellerwork, which not only restored the health and use of her right arm, negating the need for surgery, but changed her life significantly, propelling her into a new career she loves immensely! Katherine brings to her sessions, a deep curiosity in her clients’ individual and unique physical and emotional landscape, while offering space and support for what needs to shift. Using acquired knowledge of the human structure, combined with finely tuned intuition, she tailors each session to address her clients’ various challenges Her work continues to be influenced by past trainings/current studies such as The Rosen Method, Aston Kinetics, Hannah Somatics, Visceral Manipulation, Hakomi Method, Tom Myers Anatomy Trains, and the trauma work of Peter Levine, Gabor Mate, and Pat Ogden.
TESTIMONIALS “ I started seeing Katherine almost 20 years ago while I was recovering from a serious back injury at work.  Her knowledge of the body and compassionate care allowed me to get back to the career I love.  With her continued support I have been able to keep up with the physical demands of my job (Farrier) despite it’s toll on my body.  I would not be here I am today without her.” Joe McLean
“I first came to see Katherine primarily looking for relief from years of lower back pain. I had worked as a tree planter and in various other labour jobs in my twenties as well as playing contact sports after that.  I had sustained many injuries over the years in addition to the low back pain,  and had some ongoing overall body pain and inflammation for which I sought help.  My first appointment with Katherine shifted something in my lower back and left me with far less pain overall as well as a sense of inner calm and balance.  I made subsequent appointments and quickly came to know Katherine as a rock solid professional with a well honed intuition and powerful, intelligent, healing hands.  The Hellerwork modality touches every aspect of a person’s being including the emotional and spiritual.  It is a truly integrative therapy and Katherine is experienced and masterful within it. I continue to see her at regular intervals and have found her work has helped to heal and put me back together in every way.  I now make my appointments with calling in assistance for all the levels and aspects of life in mind.  In addition to physical aligning and pain reduction, these include moving through major life transitions and relating regeneratively to past traumas.  I have grown into a deep trust of Katherine’s professionalism, skill, focus and wisdom and have found her treatments deeply transformative.  Since receiving them, I am healthier, more confident and move with much greater physical ease than I did previously.  I highly recommend her work.”  Lia Light, Facilitator, Soltara Healing Centre”
“Katherine is a phenomenal Hellerwork Practitioner.  She has supported me through several years of chronic pain and there is no one I trust more to work with my body.  Katherine smoothly adapts her approach to whatever condition my body is in that day, and I always leave feeling far better than when I came in.  Katherine creates a space in which it is safe to be vulnerable, and where healing feels possible.  She is incredibly skilled in what she does and no previous treatment has brought me the relief that Katherine has.  I am always looking froward to my next session! “  Maja Baur.