Robynne Heard

Holistic Doula Practitioner

Robynne is excited and grateful to be welcomed into the U Retreat Wellness family. She was trained as a Holistic Doula Practitioner at Pacific Rim College and has been practicing since 2014. In her 270 hour program she learned about all things birth related, as well as: herbalism, holistic nutrition, acupressure, and bodywork. Since the doula program, Robynne has continued her bodywork mentorship with one of the teachers in her program, Malcolm Clark. In that time, she has deepened her understanding on how to work with tension patterns in pregnancy and postpartum, and how to unwind them through holistic massage, with a focus on regulating the nervous system. The heart of her doula work is to help families find practical and emotional tools and insights into how they would like to approach parenting with compassion for themselves, honing in on well-being and self-care. She believes that if families start out their postpartum period with a solid foundation, connected with supportive relationships and community, it will ease the transition into parenthood. If you are interested in a postpartum care package or services, please contact her through her website.