Bioelectric Therapy for Face & Body

Bioelectric Meridian Massage – Combines Traditional Chinese Medicine principles with hands on massage and the stimulation of acupressure points using a bioelectric current which is designed to match the natural current of the body.  This bioelectric energy comes through the hands of the therapist for a relaxing and effective technique.  With listening hands, I am able to feel subtle differences in the channels of flow in the body, and I am able to feel where these channels are blocked and hopefully get to the root of the problem.  Pain is usually do to a blockage in the channel or meridian- and improving the circulation and flow will improve the symptoms. A tingling sensation from the bioelectric energy will be felt locally and may radiate all the way down the channels- transmitting Qi where the body needs it to help the healing process, and releasing stagnant energy. This will also stimulate the peripheral nerves and produce an analgesic response, releasing endorphins which helps to relieve pain, relax the connective tissue and improve fascial restrictions. Bioelectric Facial- A workout for your facial muscles, while you kick back and relax. This technique uses hands on facial massage with the help of a bio-electric current to smooth wrinkles and improve circulation to the face. Toning, sculpting, and lifting the facial muscles. This treatment works by stimulating acupoints to improve circulation of Qi and blood.  This hands on technique naturally boosts collagen and elastin production to improve fine lines and wrinkles, and helps deliver nourishing product to the skin.  This treatment combines myofascial release with bioelectric stimulation and Eminence Organics products for optimal results.
I like to take time to carefully listen to my clients’ stories – what unique experiences and patterns have lead to your discomfort? I will then select a blend of bodywork that best suits your individual needs. Whether it be myofascial release, bioelectric massage, or energy work. My goal is to help guide you back to a centred, pain free, joyful and present stay of being. Myofascial Release uses gentle, sustained pressure to release disruptions in this fascial network that links every organ and tissue in the body with every other part. Pressure on the bones, muscles, joints and nerves is relieved. The release of tension once the body has responded to the therapy allows more functional flexibility and mobility of the muscles, fascia and associated structures. Release may also facilitate the release of negative or repetitive emotional patterns. Bioelectric Acupressure Massage uses a low level current which mimics the body’s natural current and provides both instant and cumulative results. The current travels through the therapist’s fingertips via a relaxing hands on therapy to treat nerve and muscle pain, inflammation, migraines, and digestive disorders. Bioelectric massage was created based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and works with the meridian pathways, and other areas of stagnation in the body.


nitial Visit 75 mins- $115 Follow up- 60 mins $100 -90 mins $145


75 mins – $110 -A holistic approach to a facial. Working with the fascia, acupoints, and low level bioelectric technology, with a custom blend of Eminence Organics Products. A great option of you just want to relax and unwind, improve concussion symptoms, decrease jaw tension or TMJ. Or to prevent and reduce skin imperfections and wrinkles!


Jessica Sarah I tried a treatment with Robin and was blown away at how effective and incredible it was. Robin is amazing. I have a lot of problems with shoulder and neck pain and as soon as I walked out I felt as though I was walking on air. I had no more pain and felt more connected to my body. The treatment also really helped with my stomach problems, I’ve noticed a massive improvement. I can’t wait to get back for another treatment!!!
Anna Glover A unique, energizing experience! Both friendly and professional. Robin took time to explain the process as I was very interested and amazed at the set up, afterwards I felt so calm and centred, with a noticeable increase in energy for days afterwards. Thank you Robin! I will come again very soon!
Julie-Anne Roy Robin is a skilled therapist and makes you feel comfortable. My first experience with DDS (bioelectric) therapy was very interesting. I could feel old stagnant energy finally being moved around and out of my body. I am confident that DDS therapy can be extremely helpful for all sorts or physical discomfort, as well as energetic imbalances. I highly recommend trying it out. Thank you Robin.
Heather O’donnell I have had several treatments and therapies with Robin and she’s wonderful. Very gentle but specific to my needs. I had treatments for an injured knee & after my first session I could feel results, better movement, less swelling & pain. I’m now going back to her for the facial treatments. Definitely recommend to anyone that needs a specific treatment or just a general massage for relaxation.
Anna Lengstrand I have tried many different treatments, from acupuncture to chiro, and the bioelectric massage with Robin is best (and most long lasting) treatment I have ever received! Beyond happy with the results and the beautiful experience itself. Robin’s a gem!
Tyler Fullford Robins deep knowledge and patience has help me gain flexibility and strength in my lower back. A brief chat of problems and issues causing pain and discomfort lead her to pin point areas of stress. An easy hour session left me feeling better then I’ve ever felt since my accident and with confidence for a sustainably pain free future.